Who are we?
Freedom Elevator Inspection L.L.C. is a consortium of professional consultants who provide assessment, inspection, training, and project management liaison services focused on the elevator (vertical transport vehicle). We provide quality advisory and assistance services with highly qualified subject matter experts and offer competitive rates to meet our diverse client’s needs. Our core values are to provide professional and competent services according to applicable codes and standards; provide the industry’s most knowledgeable consultants; and to treat our clients fairly.  We pride ourselves on the ability to develop and expand our knowledge base by being aware of changing industry and regulatory codes, regulations, policies, and standards.

What services do we provide?

  • Consultative services for Elevators
    • Subject Matter Expertise and Witness
  • Elevator Inspections
    • Performed by Qualified Elevator Inspectors (QEI)
    • Licensed and insured in multiple states
    • Site and annual safety assessments and inspections
    • Equipment audits
    • Maintenance evaluations
    • Contract reviews for code compliance
    • Contract quality assurance assessments
    • Specification writing and review for code compliance
  • Training and Education
    • Development and delivery of safety and training seminars and programs
    • Elevator Inspector Training